Planting tulips with a beautiful background

I’ve got spring on the brain this rainy March day 🌱 Here is one of my favorite tulip combos from our first garden in 2010: Tulip ‘Shirley’ and Tulip ‘Cum Laude’ with a froth of forget-me-nots (myosotis), then the little variegated shoots of yellow loosestrife (Lysimachia ‘Alexander’), chartreuse Sedum acre, a silvery Artemisia, and a dark Heuchera ‘Palace Purple’ way at the far end. The tulips are great, right?!? But it’s actually all of the various foliage shade and shapes that brings this bit of planting to life! Early bulbs always look better with a beautiful background. And the easiest way to do it, is to go to the nursery and buy a few plants that you can plant this spring with the tulips that you already planted last fall as they come up.

Published by julielwitmer

Gardener, designer, photographer and speaker

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