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It was a good night to be in the garden ☀️ Clipping back the remaining Nepeta, the large Sedums and the rest of the grasses… a bit of raking to tidy-things-up/but-not-too tidy. 🍂 I’m endeavoring this year, more than any year yet, to really let the garden be a *garden*, and not just another room of my home. There is a lovely concept (from the late, great John Brookes and others) that encourages us to think of the garden as another room for living. A form of this concept is one of my favorite garden design ideas, because it allows a gardener to create differing habitats/experiences in nearby areas. One of the drawbacks to that metaphor though, is that we humans like a rather austere living space, while a healthy “garden room” should be anything but spare in cleanliness and diversity. So the question is: how can I release the garden to be its own ecosystem, and not just another home interior? 🌱💚
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