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{“For in the garden (she) shed all her shyness and her gaucherie. Her thick tweeds and her boots, her background of trees and earth and sky, suited her and she knew it… When she sniffed the scent of the cool wet earth, and felt the worn handle of her trowel fitting into the hollow of her hand, she was happy.”} .
Elizabeth Goudge, The Bird in the Tree 🌱
I reread this passage again today in my beloved Goudge novel and thought it the most fitting way to introduce myself to all of the new faces here. ☺️ Hello! I’m Julie, and I live in small town northwestern Pennsylvania with my writer husband @jamesdwitmer and we homeschool our three amazing children. .
🌱Gardening is so close to my heart and soul. It’s not about status (how my yard looks), or making it picture perfect. It’s about enjoying my small life as a part of the grand, theatrical drama that is all about me. It’s about finding my humble place in this created world. 🌱 Building a British-inspired garden around our Pennsylvania home, Havenwood, is going to take 30-40 years. We have really just got going with our first six years here – though we certainly have less lawn already! But there is no rush. These things take time to grow. .
🌱Where are you growing today? I’d love to hear from you and meet a few more of you in this space. ☺️

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