Finding beauty, delight and wholeness in the garden

Julie Witmer is a gardener, designer, teacher, and photographer in northwestern Pennsylvania. She gardens in a sustainable, succession-planting style that proves to be both beautiful year-round and good for the garden’s creatures too.

Julie takes most of her inspiration from British gardening, and she earned a horticultural certificate (RHS Level 2) from those shores. She has designed bits of cottage garden goodness for her clients all over the continental United States.

Julie Witmer is the real deal. We’ve been profoundly blessed by her care for creation, her passion for gardens as places of beauty, work, and rest, her deep knowledge and expertise, and her great joy in shaping the world around us for God’s glory. It’s no exaggeration to say that my life is better because of the vision she brought to our little property.

—Andrew Peterson, Nashville, TN