A Julie Witmer garden design is created at the intersection between a specific place and the particular people who inhabit it. By considering the advantages and constraints of a certain garden and its owners, she creates a more ecologically sensitive, sustainable (lower maintenance), and enjoyable garden. Julie will work to draw out what exactly you want and need in your ideal garden.

Each project is managed individually and can involve some or all of the following, depending on each client’s needs:

  • Consultation
  • Site visit (local)
  • Site research and assessment
  • Video conference (long-distance)
  • Site survey (local)
  • Pinterest Mood Board specifically created for your project with plant growing and buying info links
  • Hand-drawn sketches
  • Drafted design plans
  • Planting lists and plans
  • Color rendering
  • Planting brief that may include advice, maintenance tips and/or a maintenance schedule
  • Email support
  • The opportunity to have follow-up meetings to grow as a gardener in caring for your plot

To contact Julie about your garden, complete the Garden Owner’s Form.

$55/hour for all services.

Having a garden around your home enables you to regularly delight in creation until it becomes a beautiful part of your own human experience.

Julie Witmer