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My Gardens: Havenwood

Havenwood is an in-town corner lot with a half acre of mature trees and a half acre of sun. We have a dozen distinct garden rooms with a variety of moisture and sun conditions so that we can trial many different types of plants around the garden. Good winter structure provides interest for six months of the year, spring is a rush of bulbs, summer a cacophony of perennial blooms, and autumn is for colorful foliage. (above)

Julie truly loves what she does. She helped us conquer our fears of “where do we begin?” and “what if we do something wrong?” She makes sure your design is planned around how you’d like to enjoy your garden in every season and takes care to provide you with information about your planting zone and climate. We’re thrilled with the progress in our garden and are excited to watch things grow as the years go by.

—David and Kelly, Charlotte, NC

My Gardens: Gilmore Gardens

The small-town lot on Gilmore Avenue was transformed from barren chemical-treated grass to a floriferous family garden. It includes a small back lawn for playtime, a patio, a Shade Path, and plantings all the way around the corner in the curb strips. The latter enables this garden to be enjoyed by all of the passersby on their way to and from work. Shrubs and trees give this small garden shape all year-round. The total lot dimensions are 73 feet by 115 feet (20 m x 34 m), or about two tenths of an acre. (above)

Julie is an artist—the land is her canvas and plants are her medium! She took time to get to know our needs and dreams and then created a beautiful vision and workable plan for our garden. She went above and beyond in factoring in space, light, and water considerations, as well as preferences, aesthetics, and local availability to help us jump start the garden of our dreams.

⁃ Marianne E., San Antonio, TX

Client: Shady Front Garden for a Plant Lover

Size: 30 ft by 60 ft

Problems: No boundary planting by street. In need of suggestions for enjoyable shady plantings.

Solution: A curving, shade garden path around three oval island beds. The surrounding borders were planted to add privacy from the road, color, structure and successional bloom. (above)

Client: Back Garden for Privacy and Entertaining

Client: Front-yard Cottage Garden

Client: Nashville East Side

Client: Atlanta Country Garden

Julie’s expertise in garden design is second only to her contagious love for green and growing things. I’ve been gardening all my life, but Julie has finally helped me understand what it means to cooperate with the so-called limitations of my hardiness zone and to embrace the unique challenges and opportunities of my particular place. Not only has she created an extensive 30-year plan for our property, she has broken it down into a series of designs that feel manageable and utterly sustainable. Far from just telling us what to do, Julie has shown us how to steward our bit of earth with enthusiasm and vision—not to mention unprecedented success with plants we love and plants we had never heard of! Julie doesn’t just design gardens—she grows gardeners.

⁃ Lanier I., Atlanta, GA

Client: Small Front Garden

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The Woodland Garden at Havenwood