Design Portfolio


My Gardens: Gilmore Gardens

This small-town lot has been transformed from swaths of chemical treated grass into a creature-filled pleasure garden for residents and friends, which is affectionately known as Gilmore Gardens. The total lot dimensions are 73 feet by 115 feet (20 m x 34 m), or about two tenths of an acre.

Design Client: Shady Haven

Size: Half-acre town lot. Problems: Flooding into basement from a narrow side yard with a retaining wall, ongoing for years. Outdated plantings around the house. No boundary planting by street. Solutions: A curving, shade garden path acts as a dry creek bed to channel water down to the front lawn, successfully ending the flooding. The path was planted to add privacy from the road, color, and structure year-round. We also added a small garden at the front of the property to allow their children a safer play area, while still leaving neighbors a view into the garden.

Design Client Chapel Garden

Size: Small garden on the back corner of the house, approximately 400 sq. ft. Needed: Planting to fill and surround a newly build stone chapel area. Solution: Three tall shrubs balance the height of the central statue area and low, scented ground covers in front of the benches. An assortment of perennials were then added to give this area lots of flower power from spring through fall. To soften the hardscape, three Clematis and a rose were added to climb the stone walls, and three large pots of ornamental grasses were added by the benches

Short Consultation Client Street-side Cottage Garden

 Size: Long (25′) and narrow (6′) planting between the house and driveway. Needed: Planting to be low maintenance, colorful, fragrant, include ground cover, edibles, and screen porch for privacy. Solution: I drew up a sketch of an area that would use a fruit tree as a focal point when you looked down the porch to the driveway. This tree also helps to screen the seating on the porch, without blocking off the steps. Owners then added a wonderful pergola for their kiwi vines. The side bed is edged on the inside with tall Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ , which the owner noted as a favorite. The outside of the bed is a row of catmint ( Nepeta ) and the inside filled with ground cover Sedum ‘Acre’