Sharing the joy of gardening

Julie experienced incredible joy and wonder when she came to gardening while working at a local plant nursery in her twenties, and she loves to share that enthusiasm with her audiences. From intimate day classes, to full-room conference talks and luncheons, Julie has told the story of the creation of her gardens and given others the tools to move ahead with their own garden dreams.

Julie’s messages include:

– Botanical Opportunities for Difficult Places
– Plant Communities
– Redemptive Imagination in the Garden – Using your constraints to build a successful garden.
– Gardening for the Healthy and Wellness of Communities
– Garden Design: A Workshop for Homeowners
– Nature Study in the Garden
– Gardening to Become More Human (Incarnational Gardening)

Julie has taught many times in person and online at Hutchmoot, the Rabbit Room’s annual conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

She has also taught seminars at The Black Barn Online by Christie Purifoy; the Grove City Chamber of Commerce; and for the Gardeners of Greater Youngstown.

“Gardening does not have to cost a lot. It can, but it does not have to. Learning to grow different types of plants and how to make more by yourself is the beginning to being able to make a garden that is cost effective, as well as beautiful. Our first garden, Gilmore, was started with no budget – just lots of love.”

Julie Witmer